RIVES puts its tailoring expertise and its stylistic eye at the service of all those who want a unique and memorable suit by offering a tailor-made cloakroom service.

Service exclusively available by booking an appointment in the shop

23 Rue Pasquier, 75008 Paris


The Made In Atelier,
respect of sartorial heritage
and the transmission of traditional know-how

RIVES has chosen to be part of the purest sartorial tradition by favoring manufacturing carried out in traditional workshops.

Each of these workshops has been carefully selected, both for the quality of its know-how, the excellence of its style and the creative flexibility it is able to offer. True partners, the Ateliers know how to be both the guarantors of the beautiful sartorial way while knowing how to show temerity, always pushing the limits of the possible further and giving life to what RIVES likes to call: liberated tailoring.

It is thanks to this long-term collaboration that the signature silhouette of RIVES was revealed: a split shoulder pad that brings natural structure to the garment, a collar with a handmade horsehair interlining to preserve the suppleness of the fabric , and above all clean, sleek and elongated lines that have been able to lighten up all the obsolete ornaments of sartorialism in favor of an ever more elegant and contemporary silhouette.

Tailor-made, a unique and unforgettable experience

Through the experience of made-to-measure, RIVES offers to put its stylistic and technical expertise directly at the service of customers. It’s about reinterpreting the signature RIVES silhouette according to the uniqueness and singularity of each one.

Even more, it is a unique moment during which the customer is at the heart of the creation of his future costume. An unforgettable prelude to the moments of life that will follow.

The made-to-measure experience takes place in 3 stages.



During the first appointment, the needs and desires of the client are listened to. This is an exchange moment of about an hour between the client and the RIVES stylists. The meeting ends when a first sketch of the garment takes shape.

This is followed by a second appointment lasting about two hours during which the RIVES tailors will take the customer’s measurements, a decisive step in the process of creating the costume. Depending on the exchange between the client and the stylist, these measurements will then be interpreted and translated to give rise to the different measurements of the garment. This appointment will be an opportunity for the customer to choose the fabrics of his costume as well as all the details that will compose it.

The experience is sealed by the third and final meeting. This is the much heard moment during which the customer discovers his costume. During this fitting, some adjustments may be necessary. If necessary, the Workshop adjacent to the shop at 23 rue Pasquier, 75008, will take care of making them as soon as possible (within a week maximum).

The creation of a tailor-made suit at RIVES is intended to be a moment of quality that gives priority to creativity, experimentation and freedom. The Ateliers RIVES can give life to all desires. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience what would otherwise not be possible.

The sense of fairness,
between creativity and the search for perfection

The greatest opportunity offered by made-to-measure is the free interpretation of the customer’s measurements by the tailor. The tailor can then deliver a costume that suits the client perfectly, and even more so that corresponds to the spirit that the latter would like to emerge from it, as well as to the spirit of the times.

Indeed, a shoulder can be more or less narrow and a sleeve more or less long, and all the options can be imagined and adapted to the measurements of a customer. But find the exact measure that will correspond to what the client wishes to embody; there is all the brilliance of the RIVES stylists.

To do this, RIVES stylists analyze the client’s posture, morphology and lifestyle. In this, they overlap their knowledge of clothing and more broadly of men’s fashion. Then they benefit from a playground of a multitude of measures to bring to life the perfect shape, which will correspond in every way to the client.



Each client, each occasion and each creation is unique, which is why RIVES tailors formalize a pattern for each order. This pattern is then kept in the Maison’s archives so that each customer can, if necessary, reissue their costume or have an identical piece replaced, following the original pattern. This is the guarantee of an exclusive and high quality after-sales service.


RIVES uses its tailoring expertise and stylistic eye at the service of all those who wish to have a unique and memorable suit by offering a tailor-made wardrobe service.

Service exclusively available by booking an appointment in the shop

23 Rue Pasquier, 75008 Paris


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