Discover the new RIVES Paris ceremonial collection and be inspired by our unique vision of tailor-made suits.

Hundreds of fabrics, unlimited customization, private appointments with our style consultants: RIVES puts its tailoring expertise at your service to create your wedding outfit with you.

Our tailor-made wedding suits.

Our tailor-made wedding suits are the result of a bold choice: collaborating with a traditional artisan workshop. This decision opens the door to a perfect alliance between sartorial art and limitless creativity.

Under the guidance of a Rives Paris tailor, you have the opportunity to design your wedding suit from start to finish, reflecting your desires, requirements, tastes and individuality. Whether you opt for a classic, modern or avant-garde cut, discreet or vibrant colors, thin or thick lapels, a shawl, notched or pointed collar… all these choices will be explored with you by our style consultants during one-to-one meetings. These exclusive moments are the essence of the RIVES service: offering each customer the unique experience of becoming the creator of their own wedding suit.


A tailor-made wedding suit by RIVES Paris is much more than just a piece of clothing. It’s a perfectly tailored men’s suit that reflects your personality and is designed to dress you uniquely and elegantly for your big day.

Each costume is the work of an artisan, created from exceptional fabrics in our traditional tailoring and confection workshop.

The process of creating our tailor-made suits is an experience in itself. You are invited to create your wedding outfit from A to Z, guided by the expertise of our stylist advisors. This approach allows us to perfectly adapt your ceremony dress to your morphology and preferences, ensuring that every groom-to-be feels exceptional in his beautiful suit.

When you choose RIVES Paris, you’re opting for a chic suit thatcombines impeccable finishing with chic, modern designs. Our customization options are vast, with no limits other than your personal aspirations and the breadth of our tailors’ creativity, allowing you to accessorize your suit to match your wedding dress or theme.

It’s the assurance of wearing a suit that not only marks that all-important day of a man’s wedding, but also leaves a lasting impression on guests with its elegance and originality.

At RIVES Paris, every tailor-made wedding suit is a statement of style, a symbol of uniqueness and an expression of you and your couple’s identity.


The Tailor-made experience at RIVES Paris unfolds in three distinct but complementary phases: information, creation and adjustments. Each step is marked by dedicated time and in-depth discussion, reflecting our values and commitment to creating tailor-made men’s suits and bridal wear.

Designing your vision

The sartorial adventure begins with an initial contact during which we discuss your men’s wedding suit project. This first meeting is an opportunity to immerse yourself in theRIVES world and discover our expertise.

It’s also a privileged moment that allows us to identify your expectations for the creation of an elegant suit in keeping with your style, to sketch the first lines of your outfit and to offer you an initial estimate.

The art of customizing your wedding suit

Guided by an experienced tailor, you’ll meticulously select every element of your suit, whether it’s the suit jacket, suit trousers, tailored shirt or other aspects and accessories of your wedding outfit.

This stage also includes an in-depth study of your morphology, essential for taking measurements and starting to make your tailor-made suit.

Adjustments : The finishing touch

The moment you’ve been waiting for arrives when it’s time to try on your men’s wedding suit. These tests are crucial for fine-tuning the details and planning the finishing touches.

Our tailor will make the final adjustments necessary to perfect your suit and ensure that it enhances your figure. These alterations are carried out in our workshop adjoining the boutique, ensuring an impeccable, personalized finish.

At RIVES Paris, buying a tailor-made suit for your wedding is a unique experience, where every step is designed to meet your needs and reflect your individual style. We’re committed to providing you with a suit that not only fits perfectly, but also embodies the elegance and refinement you’re looking for.


RIVES Paris ‘ close collaboration with small-scale workshops enables us to offer you optimized lead times for the creation of your ceremonial costume, traditionally between 3 and 5 weeks.

This approach also enables us, at an additional cost, to respond to urgent requests by making and delivering a complete outfit in 10 days, outside the summer periods of July and August, without compromising the quality of our service.

For special occasions such as weddingsWe recommend that you contact our tailors around 3 months before your big day. This gives you plenty of time to create a sophisticated, tailor-made ensemble, whether it’s a three-piece suit, an elegant suit or a tailcoat suit or a classic Prince of Wales suit.

Our aim is to provide you with elegant, fully customized formal wear, designed to meet your expectations and underline the importance of the event.


The traditional tailor-made suit at RIVES Paris is a set of techniques that enable us to adapt the wedding suit to every individual’s measurements and unique morphological particularities.

Before the garment takes shape, the tailor ‘s role is crucial: not only must he interpret each customer’s wishes and needs, but he must also advise them effectively to achieve a perfect, exclusive result.

In this process, the choices of fabrics, patterns, colors, cuts and stylistic details are unlimited, giving us total freedom to create men’s suits that reflect either the sobriety or the boldness of each individual.

Whether for a classic suit Waistcoat or a more elaborate frock coat, to accompany a traditional tie or a more modern bow tie, every element is selected to ensure that the final suit is a sure bet for the Big Day.

Whether you’re the groom-to-be, the father of the bride, the best man or a simple guest, RIVES Paris guarantees that you’ll be dressed in a suit that reflects your image and is suited to the event. Each wedding suit is designed to highlight the wearer’s individuality, while respecting the harmony and aesthetics of the occasion.

Dressing in RIVES means wearing costumes that are not just clothes, but expressions of personality and style.


When it comes to choosing a men’s wedding suit for a summer ceremony, the challenge is to remain chic and elegant while avoiding the constraints and inconveniences of the sweltering heat.

Contrary to popular belief, linen is not the only choice for summer weddings. Several factors determine whether a fabric is suitable for high temperatures, such as its weight, weave, density and the materials used.

For example, lightweight wool twill, weighing up to 250 grams and made with fine yarns, airy blends (wool and silk, wool and mohair), or thermo-regulating materials such as cold wool, are all possible options.

The RIVES Paris boutique offers you a vast choice of over 6000 fabric references, ideal for tailor-made wedding suits in Paris and in summer.


At present, it’s impossible to find tailor-made suits that are 100% made in France.

After extensive research and visits to numerous workshops, RIVES chose to work with one of Europe’s last remaining traditional workshops. This workshop, located in the heart of the historic city of Porto, is renowned for its craftsmanship and human scale.

It is in this workshop and in the hands of experienced craftsmen that our tailor-made wedding suits come to life in the purest sartorial tradition, with the guarantee of quality and style that combine tradition and modernity.


The price of a tailor-made wedding suit at RIVES Paris varies according to the fabric selected.

At your first appointment, our styling and tailoring consultants will discuss your wedding outfit budget with you. Whether you want a classic, casual, bohemian, romantic or country look for your wedding suit, RIVES Paris can guide you in your choice of style.

A two-piece suit starts at 1150 euros, while three-piece suits start at 1450 euros. Our wedding outfits are designed to reflect both the glamour and uniqueness of each groom, in keeping with their D-day theme and budget.

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