Tailor-made suit for men.

Tailor-made and ready-to-wear suits, shirts, shoes, accessories; RIVES puts its tailoring expertise and personalized support at your service to help you build your wardrobe.


RIVES Paris embodies a unique vision of tailor-made fashion, fusing a rich sartorial heritage with a certain idea of modernity.

At the heart of this vision lie the principles of exceptional customer service, an unwavering commitment to high quality and a singular style.

Service: Personalized support

At RIVES Paris, creating your own wardrobe is considered an exclusive experience. Our tailors will guide you through the development of your wardrobe, paying particular attention to your tastes, desires and clothing needs.

This all-encompassing approach, which above all takes into account who you are, enables us to make unique, long-lasting pieces, whether it’s an elegant, timeless men’s suit, a tailor-made waistcoat or a made-to-measure shirt.

We put the expertise of our tailors at your service to create a suit or any other piece of your men’s wardrobe that reflects your individuality.

Quality: Excellence in fabric selection and tailoring

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our exclusive collaboration with traditional workshops and our selection of the most prestigious weavers, including Loro Piana, Zegna and Holland & Sherry.

This approach ensures total freedom of measurement and offers countless customization possibilities. Every tailor-made garment, whether it’s a wedding suit or more casual or business attire, benefits from meticulous tailoring: the guarantee of impeccable allure and perfect comfort.

Stylistic uniqueness: for innovative, up-to-the-minute creations

Creation is at the heart of RIVES’ DNA. Led by our artistic director and founding members of our tailoring brand, our creative studio is constantly exploring new designs, fabrics and cuts of clothing.

Our aim: to interpret the RIVES signature silhouette, taking into account the morphology and uniqueness of each customer, thus ensuring that your men’s fashion is distinctly you.

More than just clothes, a complete tailor-made wardrobe

We take a holistic approach to fashion design, seamlessly integrating new pieces into your wardrobe, whether it’s to satisfy your desire for elegance in everyday scenes or for those special occasions when you want to shine.

Our range extends from tailor-made suits to shirts, coats, shoes, accessories, sweaters, denim and even t-shirts, if you so desire.

RIVES Paris: A commitment to perfection

At RIVES Paris, tailoring a suit or creating a tailor-made garment is an artistic process guided by perfection, inspiration and the know-how of our artisan tailors.

Our mission is to enable you to dress elegantly and uniquely, in a garment that reflects your personality and style.

With RIVES, wearing a suit becomes a self-affirmation, an enriching experience imbued with contemporary flair.


A clothing partner at your side for your big day

Over the past ten years, more than 4,000 men have chosen to dress in RIVES for their weddings.

At RIVES Paris, we put all our passion into creating your tailor-made wedding outfits, offering you a service that goes far beyond simply making a suit.

We work closely with you, listening carefully to your desires and giving you personalized advice to create an Outfit that reflects your personality. We’ll create a tailor-made suit for you, as well as a variety of other outfits that will make you look your best, taking into account all aspects of your wedding: the venue, the decor, the theme, the atmosphere, the season, but also your personal preferences and your comfort throughout this very special day.

Stylish creations for all types of weddings

Our expertise enables us to meet all wedding needs and styles. Whether you’re going for a formal look with a elegant TuxedoWhether you prefer a three-piece suit or a frac for a grand ceremony, or a more casual, chic wedding outfit for a seaside or country wedding, RIVES Paris has the expertise and creativity to meet your expectations.

Even for less formal occasions, such as brunch the next day, we offer outfits that are less consensual but still elegant.

Great creative freedom

The flexibility of our workshops, combined with our wide range of fabrics (over 6000 references), means we can offer you complete customization for your wedding suit.

With the help of our stylist advisors, you can choose a suit that perfectly matches your wishes. We offer a wide range of ceremonial suits, with a variety of customization options, so that your tailor-made wedding outfits will reflect your uniqueness.

Whether you’re looking for a casual, tailor-made jacket or a more formal, made-to-measure suit, RIVES Paris guarantees a personalized creation experience that will make your style unforgettable on the Big Day.


Costumes evolve with customs and trends

The way we perceive and wear costumes has evolved along with our habits. Once seen as a uniform, the suit, intrinsically elegant and formal, has become a means of fashion expression, a pleasure rather than an obligation.

While formality persists in some sectors, others are embracing a more casual, everyday style.

Freedom of costume interpretation

Today, suits offer a multitude of choices for a new approach to your everyday look:

– The elegant simplicity of a Navy blue or Grey men’s suit, crafted in a precious fabric.

– The refined formality of a fine three-piece suit.

– The casual chic of a blazer jacket paired with denim Trousers.

– High-waisted Trousers with pintucks, combined with a t-shirt, merino sweater and a pair of sneakers for obvious casual style.

– Bold patterns: checks, Prince of Wales, houndstooth, tennis stripes…

Time-saving tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made, often mistakenly perceived as a time-consuming process, is in fact a considerable time-saver. After an initial measurement with RIVES tailors, which lasts about an hour, your measurements are saved for future orders, requiring only a single, short appointment for adjustments or fittings.

So choosing a tailor-made suit from RIVES becomes a smart investment of time.

A comprehensive, customized offering

At RIVES, you have the freedom to create a complete wardrobe with an extraordinary variety of designs and fabrics. Whether you’re looking for a formal suit, a casual suit, a classic suit, a casual Friday look, a casual weekend look, a formal suit or even accessories such as tailor-made shirts, shoes, ties or bow ties, RIVES Paris opens up a wide range of possibilities.

We create different suits to suit every body type, with unique, understated pieces designed for every individual and every personality.

Tailor-made business suits are no longer the preserve of special occasions. With RIVES Paris, every suit, every tailor-made suit jacket, every shirt, every made-to-measure waistcoat and every accessory is an expression of your personal elegance, a celebration of the originality of your individual style and taste.

Our passion and expertise are committed to providing you with a perfectly tailored suit that goes beyond the needs of the occasion, reflecting both your unique personality and the excellence of RIVES Paris.


In addition to our expertise in tailor-made garments, RIVES Paris has over the years developed a refined ready-to-wear line. This ready-to-wear wardrobe of timeless essentials is the fruit of a unique stylistic vision, where simplicity shines through elegance.

Each piece, whether trousers, jackets, shirts, coats or shoes, is designed to fit seamlessly into the modern man’s wardrobe.

Our ready-to-wear collections reflect our high standards of quality, both in terms of fabrics and tailoring. Finishes worthy of haute-couture bear witness to our constant attention to detail. Each piece is conceived and designed to be both practical and elegant, adapted to everyday life while retaining a distinctive style.

From classic suits to sophisticated wedding outfits, our ready-to-wear range has something for every occasion. Accessories such as a suit pocket, flannel tie, silk satin bow tie or suspenders are also available, giving every Outfit a subtle personal touch.

RIVES Paris offers a wide choice of fabrics, each piece crafted with the same care and expertise as our tailor-made garments.

So, even in our ready-to-wear range, every customer can feel the singularity of a unique piece, designed with the craftsmanship that reflects the excellence of RIVES Paris.

Our ready-to-wear is more than just a collection of clothes, it’s an expression of style and quality, in line with the spirit of the RIVES Paris brand.

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