Tailor-made suits in Paris are on the decline. Except, of course, in the business district of La Défense, and in certain professions that remain dressed in the traditional way (banking, insurance, lawyers…).

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Tailor-made suits in Paris are on the decline. Except, of course, in the business district of La Défense, and in certain professions that remain dressed in the traditional way (banking, insurance, lawyers…).

Yet the suit is THE masculine Outfit par excellence.

This style of clothing has evolved over the generations.

For example, in the 30s, the main fashion influence was cinema. This period is considered the golden age of cinema. In those days, men usually wore 3-piece suits and Trousers.

But in the ’60s and ’70s, pop and disco had a major influence on fashion. Men’s suits had nothing in common with those of the 1930s. Here, eccentricity and pastel colors are the order of the day!

Today, costume is not as important as it was in 1930, for example.

Despite this, the tailor-made suit remains an essential part of the men’s wardrobe.

A symbol of power but also ofelegance, you must have one in your wardrobe!

Discover now the 5 reasons to wear a tailor-made suit in Paris.


In the world of costumes, there are two main families:

  • ready-to-wear suits
  • tailor-made suits

The first are standard sizes, and these are the ones you’ll find in any mass-market store.

Although ready-to-wear is less expensive, it has several disadvantages.

In particular, unless you have the precise measurements to match your size, you’ll never get a perfectly tailored suit.

For example, you’ll have sleeves that are too big, shoulders that are too small, pleats

And an ill-fitting suit not only looks bad, it also devalues you as a man…

Here, the garment doesn’t adapt to you, you have to adapt to it.

At Rives, we’re used to saying that ready-to-wear is designed to appeal to as many people as possible, and in the end, it doesn’t appeal to anyone.

But with tailor-made suits, you’ll have a suit that’s totally adapted to your measurements!

It’s neither too loose nor too tight.

With a suit like this, you’ll not only look good, you’ll feel good too!

You’ll show your personal and professional entourage that you’re a man who takes care of the smallest details.

You’ll feel more valued and seen as a responsible and credible person.

And what’s more, there’s nothing like a tailor-made suit to show off your masculinity !

Let’s talk business and economics, to understand the cost of a suit.

When you buy a ready-to-wear suit, the margin is between X8, X15 or X20 for some groups. You don’t just pay for “the brand”, you also pay for structural costs, unsold goods and inventory.

As you can see, if you’re buying a tailor-made suit, the price will be different. In Tailor-made, we apply margins X2 to X4, and you get service as well.

So when you see a suit priced at €1,500 in ready-to-wear, it’s probably actually worth less than €200. The value for money of ready-to-wear clothing is not in your favor.

If you’re buying a Tailor-made suit, now that you’re aware of the low margins in our sector, you’ll understand that value for money is in your favor. To put it plainly: the price of a tailor-made suit, even if higher, gives you access to a higher-quality garment.

Our added value, in addition to the exceptional product and the quality of our traditional manufacturing, is truly our advice.

We’re used to saying that we have nothing to “sell”. And indeed, in the store, you’ll see that our permanent collection is very discreet.

We’re not here to sell at any price, we don’t need to get rid of a stock of tailor-made jackets, because there’s no such thing!

You’ll never see us recommend a color that doesn’t suit you because it takes up too much space in our stock.

That’s the real added value of Tailor-made: we create for you, based on your desires. No stock, no hard sell: just advice.


If you live in the capital, you can have a tailor-made suit made in Paris that will satisfy all your desires!

That’s what we do at Rives, in the flasgship (23 rue Pasquier).

A tailor-made suit is an opportunity to personalize your jacket down to the smallest detail.

Want a linen suit in a flashy color? It can be done.

A suit with visible seams and flap pockets? It’s also possible.

You can fully customize your suit: buttons, colors, cuffs, pockets, fabric, cuts

You’re the boss! (sorry for the tailor’s pun…)

All you have to do is tell your tailor what you want, and he’ll take care of the rest.

You’ll have a suit that meets all your needs.

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As you discovered above, ready-to-wear suits are standardized.

So there’s very little chance of it fitting you perfectly.

Whereas if you opt for a tailor-made suit, the tailor takes your exact measurements.

We ask you a lot of questions to make sure the result is perfect.

We take into account, for example, the event for which your Outfit is being made: office suit, wedding suit, evening suit…

But we also study the way you move. For example, if you naturally have wide gestures, you’d better make sure your suit can withstand the amplitude!

If Jason Statham didn’t wear a tailor-made suit in The Transporter, he’d have to change for every fight scene! (Which he probably does, but the viewer shouldn’t know that…)

Of course, you’re not going to take on 10 henchmen in a parking lot in your Rives luxury suit.

(Well, we hope you do!).

However, in addition to classicism, elegance and a desire for style, it’s essential that you feel comfortable in your Outfit.


When you choose a tailor-made suit in Paris, you’re not making a purchase, you’re making an investment.

Because when you buy an Outfit like this, you get a unique, high-quality piece!

Your suit won’t fall to shreds after repeated dry-cleaning.

If you take good care of it, your suit can last for years, even decades, even if you wear it several times a week!

Whereas with a ready-to-wear suit, seams crack, pockets give way, fabric loses its color…

In short, after a year, it’s usually time to change it…

Which isn’t very eco-responsible, when you consider that textile production uses 4% of the world’s available drinking water.

And that the mass fashion industry accounts for 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions…

With a tailor-made suit, you avoid blisters on the fabric, and you’re assured of a color that lasts over time.

Another advantage we’re proud of at Rives is our customer care.

When we design your suit together, measurements are kept and patterns are preserved.

So even if you gain weight, or get back into sports, you can stay in the same house for your next costume.

We also have interesting “cases” where our customers love their suit so much that they want to make the same one over again, exactly the same. No worries for us, we don’t have the stress of new ready-to-wear collections!

Outfit Waistcoat And Trousers Tailor-made Dark Green | Rives Paris ©.


And finally, wearing a tailor-made suit in Paris is above all, as Herbert Léonard says: Pour le Plaisir .

At a time when everyone is wearing streetwear or casual wear, make your mark!

It’s the pleasure oftalking to fashionenthusiasts who share their love of the rarest wool. It’s this chance to spend time with the tailor, to understand the process of creating this Outfit like no other.

It’s also the pleasure of being able to benefit from a unique suit that meets all your desires. But also, to have the advice of an expert who will guide you in the choice of this personalization.

Now you know the 5 reasons to wear a tailor-made suit in Paris.

But what you’re probably wondering now is: “How do I choose it?”.


When choosing your tailor-made suit, there are several criteria to consider.

First of all, as you discovered in this article, your tailor-made suit must be cut to suit your style and body type.

You also need to determine how you intend to use your tailor-made suit. What activities will you be doing in this suit? Is it for a wedding? Is it for going to work every day? Is it for a gala evening?

And you also need to think about the material used.

Now let’s move on to the more technical criteria.

The manufacturing method

First of all, you need to choose how you want your suit to be made. It will determine the quality of its refinement.

You can choose between large-measure, half-measure and small-measure.

Grande-mesure is the crème de la crème of tailor-made suits. Here you have a costume created from a unique pattern: one created especially for you. The stitching and fabric details are extremely refined. It’s the best way to make them, but it’s also the most expensive.

The half-measure is based on an existing pattern. Here, most of the work is done by machine, the rest by hand. You’re looking at a suit that’s 2 to 6 times less expensive than a made-to-measure suit, but still of very high quality.

Last but not least, small sizes are also created using an existing pattern. But unlike half-measures, most of the work is done by hand. The quality here is close to that of a made-to-measure garment, while remaining faster to create and more affordable.

Assembling the jacket: interfacing

Interlining is the way your jacket is assembled.

This is one of the most important parameters when choosing a suit, as it will determine the quality of the fit and longevity of your jacket.

You can choose between three types of interlining.

The first isfusible interlining. Here, the fabric is bonded with a hot iron and resin. This is the simplest and least expensive method, but it’s also the least qualitative. With this interlining, your jacket won ‘t last for years. After several dry-cleaning sessions, the glue will become less adhesive, causing unsightly creases to appear on your suit.

The second type iscomplete canvas covering. No room for glue here! All jacket assembly is done by hand. This is the highest quality interlining and can make your suit last for decades. But it’s also the most expensive. And given the amount of work involved, this type of interlining is reserved exclusively for made-to-measure garments.

And the third and final type is semi-wiring. Here you have a mixture of the two previous assembly techniques: hand and iron-on. This is the most common type of interlining for half-measures. With semi-woven, you get a jacket with a beautiful fall, good durability and all at an affordable price.

Proof that your tailor-made suit is perfect

To determine whether your tailor-made suit is of the highest quality, there are a number of criteria to consider.

First, make sure the lapels of your jacket measure between 5 and 7 cm.

Next, pay attention to the shoulders, armhole and bend of your jacket. Your suit should fit you perfectly.

Sleeves should protrude between 1 and 2 cm from the shirt.

The length of your jacket should reach below the folds of your buttocks.

And finally, the fabric must be a natural material (cotton, linen, wool…), but never synthetic.

You now have all the information you need to choose your tailor-made suit.

When you visit a fashion designer’s shop, his vocabulary will no longer be foreign to you.

And if you want to invest in a tailor-made suit, make an appointment with our tailor!

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