Tencel, a new material
more environmentally friendly than cotton

RIVES has always been driven by the ambition to bring together the sartorial tradition — the demands of its know-how and the excellence of its fine fashion — with the contemporaneity of a stylistic look rooted in the air of time.

This story continues today with the introduction of Tencel into the RIVES collections.

Tencel, a new material more eco-responsible than cotton

Tencel, this recently created fabric produced from wood pulp, is as soft and supple as silk while being as breathable as cotton.

But unlike cotton, even organic, Tencel is one of the most eco-responsible materials that can exist today.

Indeed, Tencel is produced from plant resources grown specifically for the production of Tencel – beech, pine, eucalyptus – and certified sustainable.

These tree species need little water to grow (1000L of water / 1kg of Tencel vs. 5000L of water / 1kg of cotton) and above all do not require any pesticide input.

The Tencel production system also operates in a closed circuit.

The harvested wood pulp is then dissolved in an environmentally non-toxic solvent bath, which in turn is 99.7% recycled for reuse in a second bath.

On the other hand, the Tencel fiber obtained after the solvent bath is ready for immediate dyeing – unlike cotton, which must be bleached before dyeing – because it is naturally immaculate white.

The fiber bleaching stage is one of the most polluting stages in the manufacture of a material, requiring large volumes of water and corrosive products. Eliminating this stage in the manufacturing process therefore significantly reduces the fiber’s ecological footprint.

For all these reasons, RIVES has chosen to create its very first 100% Tencel “Large Shirt”.

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