Are you hesitating between renting or buying a wedding suit to say yes to the person who will share your life?

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Are you hesitating between renting or buying a wedding suit to say yes to the person who will share your life?

For this special day, the choice of whether to rent or buy a wedding suit is crucial. Do you have to pay the price? Should you take the easy way out to save time?

Today, let’s see whether it’s better to rent or buy your wedding suit!

Before the emergence of ready-to-wear, men wore work clothes and more elaborate outfits for special occasions.

The famous Sunday best, when we used to say “let’s get dressed up!”.

These garments were specially designed to fit the man who wore them. Choosing your costume was that much easier!

Today, the clothing industry and fast fashion have got us used to buying clothes in quantity. But when it comes to a wedding suit, the price can be very high.

Which solution to choose? There’s no right or wrong answer. Your choice will depend on your situation and your desires at the time.


Wedding planning is expensive. You may have put the price tag on the ceremony and party, but now you want to be careful to fit within your budget. So how do you go about it?

On the face of it, renting your suit will cost you less. Wedding suit rental is the option that will put the least strain on your budget.

Indeed, buying or having a tailor-made Tuxedo or suit is a real investment. You’ll need to spend several hundred euros, whereas a costume rental should cost you between €200 and €500.

If you’re cash-strapped, costume rental will be your default choice.

On the other hand, renting a wedding suit is not the best choice from an economic point of view.

In fact, if you rent a suit, you spend the rental price on a single suit. It’s true that the cost is lower, but you’re paying for use, not for the suit itself.

By the way, be careful: when you rent a suit, you have to pay a deposit, which can sometimes amount to several hundred euros more.

Add to this the time schedule for returning the suit, and you can arrive at a significant additional cost.

On the contrary, if you buy a suit, or if you have your suit tailor-made, you pay more up front, but you amortize your purchase over the long term.

Because unlike your wife, who will store her wedding dress in the closet without ever being able to wear it again, you will be able to reuse your suit:

  • For chic events (galas, charity evenings…)
  • For your friends’ weddings
  • To get to work, if he’s sober
  • And you can even combine it with other outfits for added versatility (the jacket with chino or jeans, for example).

In the long term, your purchased suit will be useful and profitable. If you use your suit even two or three more times, you’ll have paid for it.

So if you want to make a rational economic choice, buying your suit is more cost-effective in the long term.

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3 Piece Tailor-made Tuxedo, Matching - Co 02 | Rives Paris ©

Except in one case: if you choose to get married in a Tuxedo, or if you choose original colors for your suit. In this case, the reusability of your costume may be limited!

So you need to take this factor into account when making your choice.
Rent or buy your wedding suit to make it comfortable?

Before you decide whether to buy or rent a suit, think about your wedding day. You’ll be stressed, happy, but above all tired: you’ll need to be comfortable.

(100% of our customers who had their wedding suits made by us spent the same night as we did before: a restless night).

If you’re looking for a comfortable suit, look out for rentals. You’ll rarely find a rental suit that’s exactly your size.

You may feel trapped in your suit if it’s too tight, or floaty if it’s too loose.

And without putting any pressure on you… There’s a timelessness to the photos that will be taken that day, don’t forget it. Do you really want to see yourself in 10, 20 or 30 years with a badly cut suit?

Last but not least, which concerns more than half of all men: if you have an unusual morphology, buying a tailor-made suit will undoubtedly be a better solution in terms of comfort.


Finding the right suit can be tedious. Even more so if you’re giving your suit to your witnesses and groomsmen.

On the surface, renting your suit is faster than buying it… but in reality, renting has its drawbacks.

If you’re renting your suit, be careful about the store you choose. Check the reviews to make sure you can trust them to deliver your suit on the big day.

There’s always a risk: if someone doesn’t return the suit on time, if there’s a problem, the more serious the boutique, the better prepared you’ll be.

Similarly, if you want to match your suit to those of your groomsmen, beware: rental companies’ shelves aren’t necessarily well-stocked.

You may not find the right suit in the right size for everyone. This is especially true if you or your friends have particular morphologies: tall and thin, short and stocky…

The most time-consuming part is undeniably having a tailor-made suit made for you. But taken in time, this solution will bring you greater comfort and style.

To make the experience even more fun, you could, for example, have a tailor-made suit made with your witnesses or groomsmen. It’s an experience among friends you won’t forget!


Do you want to look perfect in the photos and make your children proud of you?
Costume rental lets you choose between different types of suits quickly, but you may not find one that fits you completely.

For one thing, the style of these costumes won’t necessarily appeal to you. You risk settling for a suit that “fits”, instead of being in the suit your wife dreams of seeing you in. Rented costumes are often classic, straightforward suits.

Having your suit tailor-made lets you wear an original color.

On the other hand, sizes in suit rental stores are often standardized, and you won’t necessarily get the body shape that goes with this or that suit. You risk getting unsightly creases.

The advantage of buying a suit is that you have more scope when it comes to size and style. You can choose an original costume and touch it up.

Ideally, however, you should make a tailor-made wedding suit to get the material, pieces and structure you want. This is particularly useful if you’re looking for an original, eye-catching suit.

If you like original suits, now is the time to invest in the suit of your dreams and choose the cut, color and material you haven’t yet dared to wear.

If you’ve been invited to a wedding, find out whether the ceremony will be formal or casual. Will it take place in the afternoon or evening? Take this into account to find the style of suit you’ll need.

You might need a casual cotton suit, but if you’re going to wear a Tuxedo, you might want to rent.

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Consider the sentimental value of your wedding suit.

It depends on how you envision your Outfit: is it just another outfit for the big day, or is it THE Outfit of your wedding, the garment of this very special occasion?

If you’re particularly attached to it, turn to the purchase of a suit. Be careful not to take this choice lightly. Even if you want to save money, you may not want to return your rental suit!

If you don’t have the budget, there’s still a solution: use accessories that you’ll keep. For example, you can keep the tie or cufflinks.

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Rent or buy your wedding suit, the answer to this question is up to you. It depends on how these factors combine for you.

Do you have to go very fast? Rent.
Want to find the best suit for the occasion? Have it tailor-made.
Do you want to find a happy medium and not pay too much? Buy a suit for the occasion.

Your costume is important, but the most important thing is that you feel good on the day!

Pragmatic question: what’s the only way to have a wedding suit / and a suit you carry over afterwards?

So it’s best to have it tailor-made. But a wedding suit doesn’t have to be just a wedding suit. It can be made into a city suit.

Rives has unlimited expertise when it comes to detail, and depending on your lifestyle and professional activity, we’ll be able to think about what’s next, and other opportunities.

RIVES is there to change the buttons after the wedding, to give a second life to your wedding suit.

We borrow elements of the Tuxedo (one button), satin collar, bow tie and patent shoes, and we’re good to go.

Take off the wedding Waistcoat, don’t wear it everyday, add brown derbies, a blue shirt and you’ve got a great suit for the office.

If you want to make sure you look your best in the ceremony, our team will make you a wedding suit for the occasion!

Contact us and book an appointment in-store!

The Rives team

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