Day to DaY

From the most classic to the most urban style, the RIVES man crosses the times with subtlety and modernity. From jackets to 3-piece suits, a contemporary line that adapts to all your needs to face everyday life with style.

green plaid jacket tailor made
tailor made cashmere coats paris
blue tailor made suit paris

Velvet, flannel, lace or tile, it’s all about details. Classic details, a contemporary and assertive line.





3 piece mismatched suit for winter paris
blue cashmere bathrobe jacket paris
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tailor made grey flannel jacket paris
3 piece checkered tailor made suit paris
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3 pieces grey checkered suit paris
tailor made flannel suit paris
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Art Direction : Sylvain Fischmann and Jeffrey Cameron | Design : Jeffrey Cameron | Assistant Design : Ugné Smalskitè and Sonia Chabane | Photographer : Raphael Lugassy | Models : Alexander Ferrario and Artur Burzynski | Make up : Cidji Humbert | Press Office : Dessauvages Communication |

tailor made cashmere coat paris
3 piece blue suit paris
grey tailor made suit paris
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tailor made houndstooth jacket paris
tailor made bathrobe jacket paris

For this collection, we have worked closely with Dormeuil, creator of luxury fabrics since 1842, recognized as much for the quality of its fabrics as for its creativity, research and development. A selection among the most beautiful, noble and original creations of the famous French weaver.

green cashmere bathrobe jacket paris
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