We bring to men’s fashion the high standards, authenticity and freedom offered by tailor-made products.
How do we do it? With an in-house design studio run by one of the founders of the brand; by focusing on irreproachable quality, by selecting traditional workshops that share our values; and by working with the world’s greatest fabric makers.


Creation is written in our DNA. One of the founders of RIVES, the artistic director, runs the brand’s creative studio. It is in this laboratory that we constantly study and develop new details, fabrics, volumes and models. Sylvain’s inspirations are numerous: music, street style, design, old photographs, urbanism, cinema… we offer a clean and timeless style, with pure lines and a subtle irreverent touch. A style that can be found in a beautiful formal suit as well as in a more street-oriented item like our iconic bomber jacket. Take a look at the our Iconics to get an idea.

Costume sur mesure bleu paris
Tissus costume sur mesure


We didn’t ask ourselves many questions about the choice of fabrics: we selected the best in France, Italy and England. Dormeuil, Loro Piana, Zegna, Holland & Sherry, Vitale Barberis make up 95% of our offering. The remaining 5% is secret: these are fabrics that we look for to create specific items, more technical or extravagant pieces. All in all, more than 6,000 fabrics are permanently available.


For some, it’s a detail; for many, it’s the ultimate personal touch. That’s why we’ve tracked down lining manufacturers who are bold and daring. With more than 500 references, each one crazier than the next, the difficulty is not in finding yours but in choosing.
We travelled in France and all over Europe to find those workshops that would meet our criteria of quality, service and authenticity.

Doublures costume sur mesure

We travelled in France and all over Europe to find those workshops that would meet our criteria of quality, service and authenticity.

Rives costume sur mesure paris


Each workshop we work with has been carefully chosen according to our values: quality, service and authenticity.
Four workshops for four types of products with the watchwords “quality” and “freedom of creation”.
The costume workshop in Porto, Portugal, produces all our garments in the purest sartorial tradition.
The shirt workshop in northern Poland, on the Baltic Sea side, has existed for more than 50 years and offers remarkable finishes.
The shoe workshop in Spain on the Costa Blanca where all shoes are made to order from a selection of thousands of materials, colors and options, making each pair unique.
The accessories workshop in France which makes all possible accessories for the men’s wardrobe, by hand, in the purest tradition.

A complete wardrobe from head to toe

 From the design studio to the point of sale, we tend to think more in terms of outfits and wardrobe than in terms of items. That’s why we offer, in addition to suits, shirts, shoes and accessories, tailor-made clothes.


It has been our workshop since day one. Nestled in Porto, a former theatre modified into a workshop, the place already says a lot. The hundred or so craftsmen – dressmakers, technicians, tailors, model makers, workshop foremen, cutters, button makers – offer a traditional Sartorial manufacture. Impeccable finishes, both inside and outside the garment, infinite possibilities for creation… This collaboration is an evidence as the values of quality, service and creative freedom are shared.
Portugal: suits, tuxedos, jackets, trousers, vests, coats, bombers and kimonos.

Rives sur mesure gris paris
Chemise sur mesure


A piece of jewellery… That’s the feeling you get when you put on a RIVES shirt. The feeling of the fabric on the skin, the perfect fit, the hand-made real mother-of-pearl buttons, the fineness of the seams, the finishing touches, this workshop offers a remarkable manufacturing quality. You can see it and feel it. Without forgetting total creative freedom: we offer more than 120 collars and develop new ones every year (club collar, bombers collar, T-shirt collar, open collar, etc.).
These assets offer you infinite possibilities, from the most formal shirt to the most alternative.
Poland: shirts, overshirts, alternative shirts


In each of our points of sale we give you access to a 3D tool that allows you to design your shoes, boots or sneakers, or even golf shoes, according to your desires and needs.
This powerful interface offers an incredible visual image that allows you to make infinite combinations. Try it here. Warning: it’s addictive!
Spain: shoes, boots, moccasins, slippers, sneakers and golf shoes
Test our shoe tool here

Chaussure de costume sur mesure
Noeud papillon sur mesure


At RIVES, we don’t consider accessories as a detail. Accessories allow you to add an impeccable classic touch or a touch of fantasy. For example: a white silk clutch bag, hand rolled, will not produce the same effect as a camouflage pattern clutch bag.
Personalization is limitless, top-of-the-range quality: each of our accessories is handmade, in France or Italy.
France – Italy: bow ties, ties, pouches, braces, scarves, tuxedo belts.

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