Every year, hundreds of couples trust us to accompany them in their wedding adventure. With a personalized and creative approach, our stylists create with you the silhouette, the style and the details according to your desires. RIVES invites you to discover here the extent of its creativity and know-how for the creation of tailor-made wedding outfits.




François is both discreet and assertive. Getting noticed by sobriety is an art. We elaborated together a midnight blue super sober but still hyper chic tuxedo. The twist is that instead of putting satin on the collar, we applied a so-called “braided” textured material. Associated with double buckles, with no socks, we get a dressy, chic, but rock & roll side.

Thomas & Margaux

Thomas and Margaux got married in Morocco. They agreed on an elegant but not too formal outfit. After studying many possibilities, we thought about revisiting the classic white pants / navy blazer combo. To avoid clichés, we made a somewhat hybrid jacket which comes between the blazer and the tuxedo. Above all, we focused on accessories. The supple and washed denim shirt associated with the sophisticated sneakers were perfect for the occasion.

Denis & Alexandra

Denis wanted a modern classic, formal and elegant look, without doing too much. The combination of a contemporary fit with details such as the plastron buttons, the arrow collar, the satin bow tie and the white clutch gives a super chic and timeless look.

Rémi & Laura

Rémi is a creative mind. He came with lots of ideas but also needed to share experiences, ask questions and find the perfect balance between an original look and a certain ​​elegance revisited in his own way. Rémi showed us his pants, which he wanted to keep in the outfit. We found a piece of green wool serge that matched perfectly the color of a pattern in the pants to make a suit. Rémi did not want to wear a conventional jacket, so we worked on our collarless jacket. We shortened it while extending the shirt for a cool layering effect, we removed the button, the pockets, and the buttonholes on the sleeves. A unique look.

Damian & David

Damian and David are very dynamic; they have a great energy which we felt during our first meeting with them. We wanted that energy to be conveyed as soon you looked at them. We thought a lot about colours, we went through hundreds of fabrics to find this luminous, strong and elegant blue, and this slightly faded green. A tuxedo for one of these guys, a three-piece suit for the other, two very different but perfectly matched outfits.

Kevin & Jenny

Kevin came to RIVES thinking he wanted a unique outfit. A remarkable outfit that he wouldn’t see on anyone else. Together, we came up with this model, somewhere between a bathrobe jacket and a tuxedo. Taking into account the weather (wedding in Mykonos), we opted for a very light (200 grams), very dry woollen fabric, what we call a cold wool. The color white was imposed. The impressive sneakers provide the finishing touch and give the outfit an even more unique aspect.

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