Thibault Dll is a prolific 26 year old Parisian painter.
His work is defined by the interpretation and simplification of his daily life. The guiding line remains the intimate desire to offer simple, sometimes even instinctive renderings of his vision of the world through the use of a clean and precise brushstroke, which he has been practicing for several years now.
Thibault Dll defines his work as a chance for everyone to make their own interpretation of the finished work.

“L’amour ne dort jamais”

This collaboration has allowed fashion and art worlds to resonate with each other.
Thibault built this mural in his studio.
RIVES made a limited series of T-shirts and lithographs to intemporize this project.
This mural aims to brighten up the experience of visitors to the RIVES boutique, reminding them that love and good vibes will forever remain the primary vectors of a blissful life.


“If my work can allow those who view it to travel, to imagine, to interpret, to question, then I consider it a success. “


Each year, an artist creates a custom piece for RIVES for our flagship. This year, Thibault DLL created for us “Love never sleeps”, a fresco made with acrylic on canvas.
But this time, we went further: you can buy the work!


Available on our E-shop

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