Jisbar  is a Parisian artist who illustrates in an ironic style the references of pop culture. His creations give a fresh look at our society verwhelmed with the media and “geek” references that he reinterprets with his personal viewpoint. Fashion, music, the freestyle spirit of the skateboarding world as well as the different means of expression that inhabit the streets are all elements that shape his style.




“When RIVES contacted me, I was surprised. I’ve always liked clothes – without being a fashion victim – but RIVES offers tailor-made clothes. I felt their universe was serious and coded. It’s when I went onsite that I started to understand the process. I understood it right away. The mix of classic Haussmann style and ultra-modern, concrete, neon, parquet, inspired me. Sylvain is very relaxed. We hit it off right away. I saw the space reserved for my future painting: at least 5 meters by 3 meters high at the end of a kind of concrete box that did not touch the ground… A dream come true when you are a painter”.


Collaboration Jisbar Rives

“You’re making Jisbar but you’re giving us Albator” Sylvain Fischmann

Collaboration Jisbar Rives


For the launch of the Printemps de l’Homme Haussmann corner, RIVES organized a private party in Coco Chanel’s former apartment located in rue du Faubourg St Honoré.
For the occasion, Jisbar gave a live performance.

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