RIVES is proud to have exhibited a custom-made painting by the artist Pierre-Adrien Sollier, succeeding Jisbar’s one. Great classics revisited, staged and replaced by Playmobiles figurines.


“When RIVES contacted me and asked me if I was interested in the project to dress their flagship in rue Pasquier, I knew right away that we spoke the same language. This cyber/classical tone immediately inspired me. Playing with “codes” by updating them with traditional know-how and a touch of whimsy. This mixed universe naturally inspired me the mural concept.” Pierre-Adrien Sollier

collaboration pierre adrien sollier et rives
collaboration pierre adrien sollier et rives


“I started with a simple idea: Everyone has their own superhero outfit! I’ve always liked the Hulk character for his explosive character (literally POP), and the fact that he tears his clothes off and radically changes his appearance by getting angry was a fun idea to work on for this large format project. There was no better place to dress him with bespoke clothes of course! I also mixed it with Basquiat’s very raw “POP years bad boy” universe which takes us back to the HYPE and STREET imagery of the 80s. In short, all these retro-futuristic impulses inspire me and inspire GEEK art in general and I won’t be shocked if I see one day a “Dolorean” parked in front of the shop.”

“The quirky and playful aspect of his art combined with real traditional painting techniques immediately echoed our universe. A smile and childhood memories appeared the second I discovered his work, and I immediately wanted to meet him.” Sylvain Fischmann, Artistic Director at RIVES.

collaboration pierre adrien sollier et rives

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