In 2014, while looking for an outfit for his own wedding, Victor, one of the two founders of the group HER, met Sylvain, co-founder of the RIVES brand.






The costume fan musician meets the music lover stylist.
Invited to their first concert, Sylvain falls under the spell of their strong and sensual music, modern soul with languorous R&B accents. The bonds are there and push the members of the group to collaborate with the RIVES team: “Clothes are another way to express who you are. RIVES’ modern creations, with their timeless, unadorned side, immediately echoed our musical identity.”

Collaboration Her Rives
Collaboration Her Rives


Two years and many concerts later (Les Transmusicales in Rennes, the Standard Hotel in New York, the Berghain in Berlin, the Great Escape in Brighton, etc.) HER (Victor, Simon, Mathieu, Thomas and Louis) created about ten outfits with RIVES (Sylvain and Lamine). “Our collaboration is based on exchange and dialogue. Victor and Simon tell us about the next scene, the next video, we talk, we discuss ideas, we look at materials, we show them photos or models… We know each other well, we are at ease, it takes us a few hours to create an outfit for a concert”.
From left to right: Gaëlle, Sylvain, Victor, Mathilde. Opening Pierre-Adrien Sollier.

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