It is in the luminous setting of the Printemps Haussmann alleys that Choukki A. Ausmane, founder of the perfume house Ausmane Paris, met Antoine Salmon. The story of two young pro-active brands, two intuitions, two vibrations, two creative energies on the same diapason.

An encounter

An encounter
From a very young age, Choukki has had a passion for the world of perfumery. He spends his summers in Morocco, where his grandparents run a spice cooperative and flower fields. Over the years, this passion turned into ambition, and the Ausmane Paris company was born. A tribute to his grandmother, who wisely transmitted to him the sense of sharing and know-how.
Choukki was immediately seduced by the pure lines of the RIVES custom-made space and the creative sobriety of the items presented. The two men were impressed by their meeting and their dialogue is an invitation to ideas and creation.

Collaboration rives ausmane
Collaboration rives ausmane


Gathered around a passion for exceptional products and the search for beauty and rarity in all its forms, the idea of a collaboration is born.
A wonderful challenge: to create a series of fragrances in the image of the RIVES brand. Three exceptional fragrances with rare, noble and natural materials made with the greatest respect for the French tradition.


Light and resistant, the Calabrian bergamot and figs are in the spotlight. True emblem of the Mediterranean, they bring vitality.
A sparkling and invigorating citrus scent followed by a fruity heart bringing sparkle and brightness to sandalwood ans woody fragrances. The elegance of a real dandy.
The fragrance opens with a cocktail of spices, saffron and pink berries, bathed in a sumptuous floral heart. L’Oud is an ode to the east, reflecting a unique and intense personality.

Collaboration rives ausmane

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